Its Time…

As a real estate agent I try too choose not to keep informed on current events via the media. Often these are written from a “personal perspective” and not based on trends or facts. They often pick up on the here and now and always include “what if, and this would mean”. The only economic news that truly effects real estate is the facts and the cyclical trends which always remain consistent. The only thing that we can’t ever report as fact is the time that we spend in each part of the cycle until it has happened ; then the media speculation starts all over again.

Based on previous trends and time frames in the property cycle now is the time to consider your next move!! I have the pleasure (and you as readers also) of working/ living in Auckland’s prime real estate belt and we have become slightly isolated to general real estate trends. The ongoing purchasers into this area keep this consistent for the rest of us as they can also see the benefits of this prime location.

Once in the area the majority do the move around based on needs in this area and remain here. The sliding scale includes the pre-marriage home, then the family home, the “trophy” home, the empty nesters home, then the downsizing home. New groups with the entry level family home are continuously entering into the Bays market and the appetite for these homes is continuous.
School zones play a major part and I am always humbled by parents that will sacrifice  travelling to work, uprooting themselves, changing priorities for their children’s education. In the Eastern suburbs the Glendowie College, Churchill Park and Glendowie Primary school zones are extremely well sought after, similar to the need for central families to be in Grammar zone.

By keeping this trend continual the Eastern Bays is insulated to a certain degree and moves along at its own pace. “Moving along is moving on” to your next stage in the property cycle and your own Life cycle…Is it your time?

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