In today’s market Purchasers are becoming much more selective and are buying for the long term – so a lot more thought is put into it as opposed to impulse buying.

Good properties are still achieving fantastic results and the advice and expertise of more experienced agents is being sought. I recently ran a successful auction campaign and this was due to…reading the market and the vendors accepting an early offer that eventuated in them achieving an amount well above their expectations.

When your property is hot, it isn’t going to get any HOTTER by marketing it over a longer period! Time will simply reduce it to a simmer and may result in achieving a lesser price than what could have been obtained if all the interested parties had competed for it in the early stages. We achieved a result the vendors never expected because, in effect, the purchasers were buying the property off each other – not off the vendor.


A vendor who accepts what the market is prepared to pay in a competitive situation can often achieve a better result than holding out for his ´dream´ price. A buyer will be far more likely to pay another $20,000 if he knows another buyer wants the property, rather than being informed that the vendor wants another $20,000. And this is the power of Auctions!

Please call me if you would like the benefit of my experience and advice. Achieving the best possible price on your property is my top priority – if an Auction is not for you we can discuss the different options available.

I look forward to talking with you.