Recent reports have said that the bottom is dropping out of the property market.

That homes are sitting on the market for weeks and weeks without selling.

Is that really the truth?

Well, the market has definitely changed in the last couple of months, but I promise you that homes are still selling regularly.

So, how can you combat a declining market and what is really happening in the Eastern Bays?

Read on to find out…

Has The Property Market Really Stopped?

How To Combat A Declining Market

The housing market works in cycles. That means there will always be high points when house prices are at a premium, and low points where homes sell for slightly less. The good news is that regardless of what is happening in the cycle regionally, the Eastern Bays will ALWAYS attract buyers purely so they can enjoy the Bays lifestyle!

While the draw of the Bays is a huge factor, it won’t guarantee a house sale. That’s where having an experienced agent can really help you achieve the results you want. I have been selling homes in the Eastern Bays for 16 years, so I’ve seen the Bays market go through various economic cycles.

If I’m honest, a declining market has never been an issue for me. My job is to sell houses, and that’s what I do. I will work until the necessary result is achieved, it’s that simple.

How do I do it? Well, it all begins with upfront honesty and a strong sales strategy. We will develop a plan so that your home is pitched at the correct market level. For me, attention to detail is key and so is communication. Which is why you’ll hear from me all the time – whether it’s a regular follow up or letting all involved parties know key details.

The right agent can sell your home in any market and I truly believe that I will be that agent for you.

Sales Figures Are Up

Here’s an interesting fact for you. People are focused on the fact that house prices are starting to slow down. However, year on year, they are actually continuing to rise.

Based on the figures issued in the recent Barfoot & Thompson market update,

“For vendors, the positive news is that the prices at which sales are being made are still well in excess of those prevailing 12 months ago.

April’s year-on-year median price is 8.7 percent ahead of that in April last year and the average price is up 8.8 percent.”

So, if you choose to sell your home now, the stats tell us that you are likely to achieve a greater sales price than what you would of a year ago.

Homes Are Selling Every Fortnight

If the media is to be believed, then the property market has ground to a complete halt with houses sitting unsold for weeks. Well, this is definitely a case of not believing everything you read!

Whilst the FOMO buying frenzy we saw at the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022 has slowed, homes are still selling. In fact, I’m personally selling a home every fortnight!

Homes are still selling for great prices also. Here’s some of my recent sales:

  • 5A Emerson Street, St Heliers sold for $1.45 million on 04.05.22
  • 14A Wendover Road, Glendowie sold for $1.55 million on 06.05.22
  • 11 Romola Street, Glendowie sold for $1.25 million on 06.05.22
  • 119 Maskell Street. St Heliers sold for $1.62 million on 13.05.22

So, homes are regularly selling, especially in the Eastern Bays.

The Draw Of The Bays

I don’t have to tell you that the Eastern Bays is a pretty great place to live. With a vibrant waterfront lifestyle, great schools, central location, excellent parks and an amazing community, it is an incredibly desirable place to buy a home.

With all of that in mind, it is always going to draw buyers, regardless of what is happening in the market. Even better than that, the area will always command strong demand due to its desirability.

There will always be people who are looking to make their next move in the property market – and plenty of them find the Eastern Bays the most desirable place to be!

What’s It Like Working With Me?

I pride myself on the service that I provide to each and every one of my clients.

Recently, I worked with Hayley and Catherine Cornell, who were selling their home in St Heliers around the time the market began to cool. Here’s what they had to say about their experience,

“[Kelly’s] considerable negotiation skills, market knowledge and experience concluded with a most satisfactory result. We chose Kelly to market our property in St Heliers because of her pleasant, positive manner whilst we were visiting Open Homes. Her professional handling of a multi-offer situation we were involved in confirmed this decision.

To find a motivated, cashed up purchaser was a difficult task given the state of the declining real estate market, but a sale was achieved in a few short weeks that included the Christmas holiday period – not an easy time to find a serious buyer.

We would whole-heartedly recommend Kelly to anyone wishing to list their home with a view to a successful sale. Her considerable negotiation skills, market knowledge and experience concluded with a most satisfactory result for both vendor and purchaser.”

Is now the time to sell? If you’d like to know what your property is worth in the current market, then get in touch with me today for an obligation free appraisal.