Anyone can sell real estate! Well, that might be true but – how well you sell and how effective you are is not something for the inexperienced. I believe that effective agents earn their income by being exactly that – effective. As a vendor you mentally work yourself up to selling your home. It can take months and sometimes years to reach this point. Then you have the task of choosing an agent. You pay no more for an effective agent than you do for an inefficient agent. We are all remunerated equally. So you choose the effective agent who has systems at their disposal to achieve a fast and often outstanding result within days. It costs you the same in commission as it would if your home was on the market for months!! What appears  easy is simply you employing a premium results-oriented agent. There’s a saying in the industry – If you don’t have a listing you are unemployed!  During the time you are listed with us YOU, as vendors, are our employers – we are answerable to you.  Real Estate is fast becoming a now industry,. We are being challenged more than ever to use technology that will take selling your home to the internet, i-phones, twitter, and facebook.   A lot of our time is now spent exposing  your home to as many purchasers in the shortest possible time frame. Buying a home is an emotional experience –  people either like a property or they don’t!  I often hear people say “Homes sell themselves” and to a large degree they are right. Making someone like a home is certainly beyond an agent’s control. However, getting them to buy it once they like it is why you hire an agent who understands buyer behaviour and gives purchasers and vendors the space to make what will be one of the biggest transactions of their lives. Never giving up until you have the final “grumpy “ price out of your purchaser is what effective agents will do – then YOU decide whether to use the pen. The control is always with you. This is when you know the value in enlisting an agent that is working for you.