Selling your property can be a daunting task at the best of times. But trying to do it in the midst of a fluctuating property market is a whole different level of stress.
Things seem to be changing week by week, so it’s difficult to know what to expect.
Will you get the price you want? Will your property sell at all? Will you be in limbo for months waiting for the right buyer?
If you’re thinking of listing your property, an adaptable, trustworthy salesperson is vital.
In this article, we’ll talk about the importance of finding a fantastic real estate salesperson during uncertain times and look at how the right agent can help you find certainty moving forward.

Navigating An Uncertain Property Market

The roller coaster of the last few years may be rolling to a stop, but that doesn’t mean we can all disembark just yet. The ripple effects of the pandemic will play out for some time to come, and the property market continues to fluctuate.
The last six months in property have been really unprecedented, with lockdowns prohibiting normal activities like open homes. People were having to buy property sight unseen or arrange private viewings. It was creating bidding frenzies at auction, and buyer demand was high.
Now, the property market is starting to dip. Houses are still selling, but there is less frenzied buying, and fewer buyers are experiencing FOMO. Houses remain on the market for longer but are still selling for reasonable prices. Open home attendance is down, and auction clearance rates are impacted.
Industry experts all predict a gradual correction to the residential property market as the rate of growth continues to decline. In the Auckland region, home values dropped by an average of -1.4% in February – a stark difference from the growth of the last twelve months.
These changes may be intimidating for vendors, but ultimately, it’s a sign that we’re heading for a more stable property market throughout the rest of the year.

Delivering Certainty In Uncertain Times

Uncertainty can be fun in some aspects of life. There’s the thrill of buying a lotto ticket, the excitement of a surprise trip to an unknown destination, and the tingle of anticipation of receiving an unexpected package in the mail.
But in most areas of our lives, uncertainty is not welcome – especially during significant life events like buying or selling a house.
We want to know in as much detail as possible – the timeline for a sale, the process that will occur, and how much we can expect our property to fetch.
But how can we know all this when things seem so unstable?
By working with the right real estate salesperson – someone with proven experience who can provide clarity, security and insight into the sales process.

Kelly Midwood Real Estate Agent – Trusted to Deliver Certainty

With over 10 years in the real estate industry, I’ve seen the market shift, rise and fall. And while I can’t predict the future, I have refined and adjusted my formula for selling property regardless of the overall climate.
My thorough, meticulous systems and personal approach to every task set me apart from the rest.
The top priority for me is choosing the right bespoke process for every home I am given the opportunity to market.
How can I help you feel confident about selling your property right now?
By making the process all about you. Each campaign is tailored to fit you, the vendor, for every requirement – from the basic through to the finer details that I feel will best showcase the property to the correct market.
Whatever the property market conditions, your needs remain my top priority.
In an uncertain market, you need a real estate salesperson committed to providing personal service, trustworthy advice, and excellent results in any market.

Contact me today to find out more.