Trying to match with the right salesperson should mean meeting with many

Seasoned salespeople in Auckland are familiar with the basic formula when a vendor is seeking someone to help sell their home. It is not a professional secret that most people chat to family, friends and neighbours for suggestions or do a deep dive online of profiles. Then, they typically interview one professional from each of the “big three companies”. Next, they receive pitch packages and presentations before they make their final selection after reviewing things like commission structures and marketing budgets.

While these steps seem logical and thorough, sellers could be, well, selling themselves short. The truth is interviewing more than one person from each company could likely get you a more perfect fit. First impressions count for a lot and you may not personally click with your first selection. That’s human and you need to go with your gut. However, you could be missing the chance to work with the best company by moving on to the next candidate/brand.

Why is this? Not all real estate firms are set up the same. For instance, Barfoot & Thompson is a non-franchised privately-owned real estate company. This model allows any of the company’s 1,700+ salespeople to introduce buyers and share information on any property that is listed, without regional restrictions. This increases the reach of property campaigns and creates a scale of competition not possible within franchised agencies and boutique offices.We have a real can-do teamwork style approach in our branches when working with each other. We all know there is enough potential success to go around so cutthroat attitudes simply won’t “cut it” at Barfoot & Thompson.

Pay attention to a company’s awards structure which may feel like a bit of window dressing or ego-boosting for the salespeople but the fact is, with us, awards are based strictly upon numbers (and sales) and nothing else. In short, Barfoot & Thompson company awards means that top tier salespeople are really good at what they do – their numbers don’t lie. The same may not be true with other companies and how they distribute accolades.

Chances are your home is your most valuable asset so taking the time to meet with more than one salesperson will only cost you a few extra hours but could make a major difference in how fast or for how much your property sells for. People, such as myself, who regularly make the Top Ten Salespeople ranking each year, are often contacted by other companies who try to woo us away. There is a reason it has never crossed my mind to move on from this 100-year old gem of a real estate firm no matter how decadent the offer. Barfoot & Thompson is at the forefront of technology-led solutions, demonstrated in our strong commitment to developing, enhancing and investing in new cutting-edge tools that keep us ahead of the pack when it comes to actual sales over the line.

The brand is trusted, respected and easily recognizable. Our strength as a company comes from our people who support each other every day to satisfy their clients with honesty and transparency. So, in closing, if you are about to start the selling process, I really encourage you to book meetings with more than one person from “the big three”. You won’t hurt our feelings and knowledge and experience is power especially in complex market scenarios. Time doesn’t cost you a thing and going the extra mile positions you for greater success.