Achieving Amazing Results Is Possible With The Right Approach

It is a huge responsibility to sell someone’s property. Often one of the biggest transactions people will make in their lifetime, property is a big deal!

Buying and selling it is more than an exchange of money, land, bricks and mortar. It is a realisation of dreams, a stepping stone to a new phase of life, or ensuring the safety and security of your family.

So, you want to deal with a salesperson who understands all those things. Transparency, integrity and organisation are the key attributes of a successful salesperson, and those are the exact attributes that Kelly Midwood prides herself in. They are what helped her to generate fantastic sales results for four separate vendors in one single afternoon. Collectively, the four auctions totalled $10 million and each of the vendors were delighted with the outcome.

So, how did Kelly make it happen?

Selling Multiple Properties At Once

Most real estate salespeople will be handling multiple listings at any one time. Often, the listings will be at different stages in the sales process. So, realtors will need to have a great management system in place to ensure that every listing gets the attention it deserves.

It is not often that four listings handled by the same salesperson will go under the hammer on the same afternoon. But, that is exactly what happened to Kelly.

Now, this might have been a daunting prospect for another salesperson, but Kelly had her proven processes in place. Much of the work had already been done by the time auction day rolled around.

Preparing For A Sale

Kelly’s goal is for both vendors and buyers to be in a total comfort zone when they walk into the auction room. That means knowing exactly what they are willing to accept and having all the information to make an informed decision on the spot.

There is an intense level of preparation that goes into making auction day a success for both parties. Kelly painstakingly provides key information and ensures everything is ready to go. That means answering any and all questions (often before the vendors or buyers have the chance to ask them), ensuring all variations are sorted, and having an answer on hand for the most obscure queries, in case they arise.

Her key to success is simple. “I act with total transparency and provide accurate pricing information. I never over-promise as far as what I think the market will deliver. This philosophy has led to many repeat clients who trust me because of my honesty.”

On top of this transparency, her secret is to prepare, prepare, prepare. She does this so well that on the morning that four of her vendors went to auction, her phone was silent. It did not ring once with a panicked question from a vendor or a buyer. Each of them were totally relaxed and knew exactly what to expect.

Preparing For A Multi-Sale Auction

When Kelly walked into the auction room on 7th July 2021 she didn’t realise she was about to make a new personal sales record for herself and create four incredibly happy vendors delighted with their outcomes. Kelly was blown away by the level of interest in the properties as winter is normally a slower time of year. But, one property had over 100 open home attendees throughout the comprehensive marketing campaign.

The continued marketing efforts and follow up from Kelly put all four properties in the best position for a great result on auction day. And that was exactly what took place!

Each of the prospective buyers went into the room armed with Kelly’s “grumpy number” advice. She had advised them all to prepare this well ahead of auction day.

“I want them to consider the highest possible number that is workable for them. Likely, this amount is beyond what they were initially thinking about offering. For this reason, I call it the “grumpy number” because they may not love the idea of spending that much but it is what could get their purchase over the line, and them into their dream property, once the auction starts. They do not have to share that number with me. I encourage this because a set amount means there is no need to exchange quick glances to agree on the next bid. They have a solid bidding plan already in place.”

Kelly’s vendors had all set sensible reserve prices that would allow them to achieve their desired sales result. Each of the parties knew the process and what role they would play in the auction process.

A 10 Million Dollar Day

When the hammer came down on the last listing on 7th July 2021 Kelly had collectively sold almost $10 million worth of property in one afternoon. Her vendors and buyers could not be more delighted with the results. Every one of them left excited about the new adventures they were about the embark on.

14 Pembroke Cres – $2,110,000

4 Modena Cres – $2,400,000

6A Rukutai St  – $3,075,000

16B Auckland Rd – $2,100,000

All of this success came down to the extensive preparation that Kelly put into the process. Without her organisation and client management, the results could have been completely different.

Kelly personally deals with her vendors at every step of the process. That includes everything from the first connection and appraisal to running each of the open homes and clear communication throughout the entire process.

So, if you would like to walk into the auction room on auction day completely relaxed and ready for some amazing results, then Kelly can help make that happen. Get in touch with her today to chat about realising your property dreams.

Kelly Makes Dreams Come True!

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