After the lockdowns of 2020, the NZ property market surged forward.

In fact, Auckland’s median house prices have increased by more than 25% in the last year.

Will the same thing happen after the 2021 lockdown restrictions lift?

Well, I can’t predict the future, but I can tell you the results that I have been achieving for my clients in the last 10 weeks.

And I can also tell you why now is an ideal time to sell your home.


Well, let me explain.


House Price Increases

Who could have imagined that lockdown would further fuel the increase in house prices? Yes, for those brave enough to list their homes in the current market, the results have been impressive!

In the last 10 weeks of lockdown restrictions, I have helped 6 separate families sell their homes. While the process has been slightly different without the usual open home process, the results have been no less impressive. Each of the 6 families found themselves reaching sales values they hadn’t dreamed of achieving.

Here are the details of the properties sold:

  • 31AUG21 – 47 Wendover Rd, Glendowie – $2,221,000. CV $1,320,000. Pre auction
  • 29SEP21 308 St Heliers Bay Rd, St Heliers – $3,600,000. CV $1,775,000. Conditional contract
  • 30SEP21 20A Vanessa Cres, Glendowie – $3,200,000. CV $2,875,000. Conditional contract
  • 04OCT21 – 51 Esperance Rd, Glendowie – $2,635,000. CV $1,550,000. Pre auction
  • 06OCT21 – 5C Rarangi Rd, St Heliers – $3,300,000. CV $1,875,000. Auction
  • 13OCT21 – 44A Edmund St, St Heliers – $2,800,000 CV – $1,700,000. Auction


Why Is It Happening?

Many experts were predicting that this lockdown would put a dampener on the Auckland housing market. But that is not what I have seen as an agent on the ground.

It is actually the opposite. For those that have been brave enough to list now, they have been rewarded with financially beneficial results.

But, why is that?

Well, it’s true that buyer inquiry is a lot lighter than usual. However, the quality of the buyers we are seeing is extremely high. And there are limited choices available to them in quality locations. Buyers are continually asking me when more houses will be listed.

People are wanting to buy, settle and move before the end of the year. So, by bringing your home to the market now, you will be making buyers happy and are likely to achieve a great result due to the demand.


Certainty In Uncertain Times

There is no doubt that the economy is presenting uncertainty. It may be making you feel hesitant about big moves. But, in a time of uncertainty, I can provide you with the certainty you need to confidently enter the property market.

I’ll provide you with the tools you need to navigate the process of achieving a premium sales result. Armed with my unending advice and support, you will have the confidence to give the market what it needs… a gorgeous home to live in within one of the best areas in the country… The Bays!

More than one of my buyers has commented that I seem to be one of the only Realtors listing and selling homes in The Bays currently. And that totally works in the favour of my amazing clients.

Heading into the last couple of months of the year, it is going to be critical to sell your property with an agent who has been part of the lockdown selling process. Not only have I developed a successful formula to deliver premium results without the need for the usual sales methods, but I also have a deep understanding of where the market currently sits.

Values have changed considerably in the last 10 weeks. If you find yourself working with an agent that hasn’t been part of that momentum, they may accidentally undervalue your home, negatively impacting your end sales result.


3 Reasons To Sell Your Home Now

There are 3 great reasons to consider listing your home now. They are:

1: Time is running out

Nobody wants to be packing or loading a moving truck at Christmas time! Fortunately, by acting quickly, you won’t have to. With 9 weeks left until Christmas and my proven 2-week sales formula up your sleeve, there could be a new family enjoying your home by the time Santa is ready to drop those pressies under the tree!

2: Buyers are ready now

As I just mentioned above, buyers are out there hunting for their dream home now. AND, they are ready to put their money on the table for the right property. They don’t want to be moving at Christmas either, so will want fast action.

3: Limited competition

We actually have more buyers than houses to sell currently. That means your home will get to shine in all its glory with very limited competition. We can highlight all the fabulous benefits your property has to offer and there will be limited comparables out there!


Are you considering selling? Or maybe you are simply interested about what your home could be worth in this current market?

If so, contact me today. I have the formula to generate premium sales results while you simply carry on with your everyday life. Leave the selling to me!

I’d love to pop over to meet you and your home, so give me a call now.